Impact of adjuvant aromatase inhibitors on bone mineral density in breast cancer patients.


e11616 Aims: It is well known that aromatase inhibitors (AI) are associated with significant reduction in bone mineral density (BMD) through suppression of estrogen production. This effect has been confirmed in several studies. It is considered important that we evaluate our patients and assess their baseline BMD in the adjuvant setting in relation to the use of AIs. METHODS 122 patients on adjuvant AI were evaluated retrospectively. AIs were used either as upfront, early switch or extended adjuvant therapy. BMD (T score for hip and lumbar spine) was evaluated using DEXA scanning at baseline and annually thereafter. Risk factors for osteoporosis were assessed prior to each scan. RESULTS Mean baseline T scores for lumbar spine and hip were - 0.95 and - 0.79 respectively. The corresponding T scores after 1 year of treatment were -1.06 and -0.92 respectively. This represents 10.6% and 17.4% reduction in T scores for the spine and hip. 24 patients (19.7%) required anti osteoporosis therapy on the basis of their baseline T Score and they were predominantly osteoporotic. 77 patients had chemotherapy as well and had a more significant reduction in their T scores (29% reduction at the hips) in comparison to non chemotherapy patients. Patients on upfront AIs had lower baseline mean T scores (- 0.932 at hip and - 1.119 at L- Spine) and at follow up (- 1.066 at hip and -1.165 at L spine) in comparison to those on the switch approach (baseline: - 0.666 hip, - 0.816 spine; follow up: - 0.809 hip, - 0.974 spine) Conclusions: AIs are associated with decreased BMD particularly for patients who had chemotherapy. Normal T scores at baseline are reassuring and in the absence of other risk factors probably do not require further scanning. Those with low T scores (<-1.5) will require continued follow up, however, the optimal scanning interval is not yet fully established and longer follow up is required. No significant financial relationships to disclose.


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