Efficient immune reconstitution in HIV+ naïve patients (pts) starting a first lopinavir/ritonavir-containing regimen with low CD4 counts


Methods 40 HIV+ antiretroviral-naive pts starting a first tenofovir/emtricitabine + LPV/r-containing ART with CD4 <350 (20 Late Presenters —LPs, CD4 <100/μL and 20 Non-Late Presenters —NLPs, CD4, 200—350/μL) were followed for 12 months (T12). Microbial translocation (MT) by plasma lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and sCD14 (LAL assay and ELISA), CD38+CD8, CD45R0+38+CD8, CD127+CD4/CD8 (flow cytometry), and plasma IL-7 (ELISA) were tested at T0 and T12. T0 and T12 differences were analyzed by Mann Whitney U test.


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