The detection algorithm of irregular dynamic objects


Using remote sensing data for marine monitoring, marine rescue, marine pollution monitoring which has a broad monitoring area and fast response time, so in the last 10 years, satellite borne or airborne optical and SAR sensor data have been increasingly used in the field of ocean monitoring. However, based on the dynamic video to carry out the study of the detection of irregular debris blocks from the wrecked ship, aircraft is less. To a great extent, it affects the efficiency of maritime rescue. This paper, based on the dynamic objects detection, Color Space Quantization and property of Human Vision System, takes the irregular wreckage patches as research. And a detection algorithm for dynamic objects is developed with the foundation of Lab channels. To verify that, the calculation of the Euclidean distance between the characteristic parameters of irregular wreckage patches and regular floating ones, and the average Euclidean distance is 0.8245 between the irregular1 and the regular while that between irregular2 and the regular is 4.3645. At the same time, the Hausdorff distance was calculated and verified, and the average distance between the irregular block 1 and the regular block was 2.5975. The average distance between the block 2 and the rule block was 13.8962. Experimental results show that the method is consistent with the results of the second methods, which proves that the first method is scientific and operational. Therefore, it can be found that some parameters including divergence, elongation and eccentricity fluctuate dramatically from those in irregular ones to the regular one, which could be extracted to recognize or distinguish the patches. That is why this paper is of importance in marine rescue and detection of objects on the sea surface.


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